Back before kids, our two crazy dogs had free rein in the house; they could go where ever they pleased. This also meant that they could "go" where ever they pleased; the dogs peed everywhere! Needless to say, once we found out we were pregnant with Cru, the easy decision was made to keep them confined to one area. Finally, they stopped peeing in the house! We shampooed our rugs a million times, and feel like the dog smell has faded almost completely.

Cut to almost 3 years later, and the pee smell has returned. How can that be? Well, there is a new crazy little thing peeing all over the rug, and his name is Cru.
I wanted to wait until I have used the gDiapers for a couple days before writing a review...but I love them just as much now as I did when they arrived!
First of all, they are so cute!
Cute baby Kendi rockin' her gDiaps!
Aside from being very stylish, they also work great. gDiapers are a hybrid diaper; which means you can use a cloth insert, called a gCloth, or a disposable/flushable biodegradable insert, called a gRefill. I have chosen to use mainly cloth inserts, as the reason I wanted these diapers in the first place was to save some money.
I haven't been able to blog for a few days due to my 30th birthday festivities, and I am a little bummed. I have so much to say and no time to say it! Hopefully I get to fill ya'll in soon.

More important than my drunken birthday stories is that my order of gDiapers just arrived! I am going to try my hand at cloth diapers. Why you ask? Because I'm crazy perhaps, but mostly because of the potential for some serious cost savings. I also like the idea of being more environmentally friendly. Apparently it takes like 500 years or something for a regular diaper to break down in a landfill. That's disgusting, and quite bothersome considering how many diapers I have contributed to said landfill. So as soon as I am done washing and drying the cloth inserts 6 times (yes, 6!), I will start using them and post a review asap; so stay tuned for that! I'll post a link in my Cool Stuff to the gDiapers website in case you want to check them out. I highly encourage it!

I hope to chat more soon, but right now Kendi is freaking out so I better investigate...
Well, my very first day of being 30 is almost over; it has honestly been a pretty normal day, other than the lovely dinner with family friends that just ended. It is a little bizarre to be where I am in life at this age. I always knew I wanted to get married at 26 (no idea why, it just sounded like a good age as a kid), and have my two kids before turning 30. I wanted a boy first, and then a girl, and I wanted to be married to a total bad-ass. As it turns out, I fulfilled my childhood dreams to a T. While this is always what I wanted, I, for a while, thought that it would never happen. For some reason, I thought I would never find anyone who would put up with me, or truly understood me; keep in mind, my husband and I started dating when I was 19, so that line of thinking was a little over dramatic. But to get the super awesome husband who comes from a fabulous family, to get the two kids in that specific order, and to do it all before 30; well, let me just say I feel incredibly blessed (and that's saying a lot since I don't associate myself with words like "blessed").

My 30's are going to be the best, I am sure of it. In this decade I will graduate college, see my kids start school, have my 10 year wedding anniversary, and begin a very lucrative career (I hope!). I couldn't have imagined it any better, and couldn't imagine it any other way.
I remember the first time Cru answered a question I asked him with, "I'm not sure mom, but..." I thought it was so cute, and that finally he was going to start talking in understandable sentences. My excitement was short-lived when I overheard Kai Lan say to an ant or a panda or a unicorn or something, "I'm not sure Toley, but, let's find, out why!" Yah, my kid wasn't actually answering me, he was quoting Kai Lan. Ok, I'm alright with that, at least he was recognizing I asked him a question that needed a response. As time went by, I realized almost every cute phrase uttered by the boy came from a damn cartoon. Again, I'm OK with that, at least he can memorize phrases and say the words correctly. Well, just now, I was playing with him and he landed kinda weird from a somersault, so I said, "sorry buddy!" His response: "It's ok, Rintu." Um, excuse me, my name is MOM! Not Rintu......fricken' Kai Lan...
As moms, we all have our fair share of poop stories; I know I have about a million. With that said, yesterday's episode takes the cake, hands down.
Yesterday was Labor Day, and turned out to be quite a relaxing, fun day. We went to my in-laws house to swim (whom were out of town), along with my bro and sis-in-law and their 3 boys (and one in the oven!). My son Cru, who is almost 3, is the kind of kid that waits to poo until he is either home, or all of the commotion and fun have died down. I love this about him; I can usually go places worry free if I happened to forget to bring wipes. So, anyhoo, we get home around dinner time, eat, and are relaxing in the living room. My 3 month old daughter was a little off schedule ( I am a HUGE proponent of scheduling, but that's a whole other post ), and wanted to go to bed early. I was like, "no way girlie, you need to stay awake at least 30 more minutes!" So I took her outside to swing, which always delays any fits for a while. My husband, mind you, is sitting in the living doing some very serious multi-tasking between watching American Chopper and surfing Craigslist. When I come in, I see my son in the dining room grab at his diaper. This is his new favorite thing to do if he is wearing only a diaper. I hope to myself that it is just full of pee, but then he looks at his hand, and proceeds to wipe it on his toy box.
I have wanted to start a blog for as long as I can remember; which is an overstatement of course, but you get the point. So why is it that I finally decide that tonight, Sunday, at 10:30pm, is the perfect time to do this? Now that I have my title, description, and profile somewhat finished; I'm beat! So, off to bed I go, without any meaningful words of advice, nor any funny stories involving my kids and poop. Oh well, no one even knows I have this blog right now, so I'll hit the sack and be back tomorrow with some absolutely incredible, roll on the floor laughing, tear-jerking, and highly intellectual stories to share with my non-existent audience. Good night!
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