I am honestly not even sure what direction this post is heading; all I know is that I am feeling very emotional and writing about it is the only thing that helps to relieve some of the build up sadness.

I love my family; every single member of it. What I love even more is how much my kids love their family. Aside from how happy my kids get when they see me, nothing makes me happier than the joy on their faces when they see their grandparents (and my kids have LOTS of grandparents).

Before my mom moved out here, it would make me so sad to think that our short visits would be just that; short visits until the next lovely encounter. Cru would ask for Nana and Poppy for several days after a visit, not realizing that he wouldn't get to see them every day. Then something amazing happened; Nana and Poppy moved to California! Cru and Kendi had already been lucky enough to have their other 2 sets of grandparents nearby, and could see them pretty much whenever their innocent little hearts desired. Now every grandparent they knew was in one central location.

My kids just love their grandparents to pieces. Nothing makes them happier than knowing that a visit is on the horizon; and their happiness brings me more joy than I ever thought possible.

I am saddened that some of these visits will now be few and far between. I hope more than anything that time spent will occur more often than not; but I am a realist. My kids won't understand why their visits have changed, and that most encounters will now be over Skype. I hope they realize that any changes taking place have nothing to do with the love our family has for them, and that there isn't anything that we wouldn't all do in order to ensure their happiness.

Change it is a comin', and I am confident that it will eventually be for the best. I am just not sure how to explain to Cru that it will either be Nana or Poppy; but more than likely it will probably never be both.
My mom took the kids so I could have a debauchery filled Halloween weekend. I just wanted to take the time to gloat to all of you that I have no kids. Sorry this post isn't longer, but I am probably currently either:

Painting my nails
Watching rated "R" television or movies
Reading a book
Spending some quality "time" with my husband
Dyeing my hair
Shopping without a stroller/goldfish/blankie/or Gameboy
Running around naked
Showering alone
Listening to really loud music
Cursing at my dogs
And drinking myself into oblivion

How do you play when the kids are away??
I am currently cleaning out my purse, looking for the 20 or so coupons I know are crumpled somewhere at the bottom of it; it is time to clean out the coupon binder and do some rearranging, so I need those coupons. I have always had quite a messy purse, but the contents this time around definitely take the cake. Usually I am not especially shocked by what I find in there, but for some reason this time, my discoveries even baffled me.

Much too much

The contents are as follows (from what I can tell):
One pair of toddler underwear
One pair of baby socks
One pair of baby Mary Jane shoes
One Secret deodorant
One Filofax that serves as my wallet, although I haven't used the actual daily schedule part in months
One smooshed Trader Joe's granola bar
One tampon that mysteriously left it's packaging and is swimming around all by it's cotton lonesome
Several notepads, yet not a pen in sight
Crayons, which can take the place of a pen in a pinch
One bib
One of my own pairs of socks (not a clue why)
HELLA receipts
HELLA coupons that better not be expired
A Gameboy Advance
And iPod with Monster attachment for listening through staticky radio stations
Camera wall charger (not a camera to be found)
Keychain led light (not attached to the keys)
Anti-anxiety meds (thank goodness)
Fake eyelashes
Hairclips and bobby pins (actually in a baggie, and not all over the place)
2 packages of life savers
Eyelash glue
a bracelet
my phone headphones
and some random sunflower seeds, some in shell, some without..

My purse weighs almost as much as Kendi. This is ridiculous.

So what lovely items have you found in your purse lately??

So recently I had the pleasure of taking the kids to get some fabulous pictures taken by the lovely and talented Melissa Babasin. This particular session was quite unique. The special she was running was called the "10 for 10." What this entails is a 10 minute casual photo session of your child; this time it was at a beautiful park in Rocklin, CA. For $10, you get the 10 minute shoot, all the pics on a CD, plus she does a little editing. I have 2 kids, therefore 20 minutes..you do the math. That is a screaming deal! And they turned out so great! We had so many great shots come out of this, but these are my favorites of each kid.

Smiling Cru!

Drooling Kendi!

As you can see, we got some great shots! And working with Melissa is so great. She is fun, easy going, and the kids just love her (she is a mom of 3 herself). So, if you are in the Sacramento area and want some gorgeous and fabulously priced pics, check out her website and give her a call.
Putting Cru to bed just took about 10 minutes longer than it usually does. No, it wasn’t because he wouldn’t brush his teeth, or put on his jammies, or stay in bed. It took an extra 10 minutes to get Cru to bed because he wouldn’t let go from our good night hug. Every time I would try to pull away to leave the room, he would pull me closer. He would pat my back and tell me quietly that he loved me. I can count at least 5 times today that I thought this kid was driving me crazy, and that 10 minutes just erased it all.
I can’t help but to think how I need to remember these moments, to cling to them even. They will be there to remind me how good of a job I have done when I am no longer the only person he wants to hang out with; the only girl he loves. They will be there when I ground him for sneaking out (I did it, his dad did it, I’m sure he will, too). They will be there when he tells me he hates me for not letting him do some incredibly stupid, potentially dangerous thing. I need to cherish these moments, because they won’t last forever. There will come a day when I am the last person he wants to hang out with; the last girl he would ever want to give a hug and kiss to (in public, at least).
My baby is growing up, and I can’t do a thing about it. I am so excited for him as he gets older and explores all of the amazing things this world has to offer him, but I, as every mom does I’m sure, wish he could stay this small just a little longer; small enough to not know there are probably a ton of way cooler people out there to hang with. Right now I’m the coolest; and the feeling is definitely mutual.
Me and my baby when he was still a "baby."

I know I only have a handful of followers, but for you lovely people that do follow me, don't be confused if you check in to constantly see a new design. I am playing around with how I want the blog to look, and haven't decided on a final look yet. So, you may see many different layouts over the next week. I will (probably) refrain from posting any new adventures until it is finished. Thanks a lot!
So, I am partaking in my late night Facebook surfing ritual, and come across this pic of me.

Little pic for a little Alaina-can't get the thing to get any bigger...

Holy crap! Look how freaking little I was! Now, I realize I had a baby about 5 months ago, but really, that was 5 MONTHS AGO! I also realize I was like 20 in this picture, but I'm only 30 now. There is no good reason why I can't be this little again; well pizza and beer are pretty good reasons, but as I like to tell myself, "That food doesn't taste as good and looking and feeling great feels." What a crock of shit...
Well, somehow I managed to survive 3 days of potty training. I have never spent so much time in my guest bathroom; I really need to clean the baseboards....

Cru did pretty horrible the first 2 days, and I don't feel bad saying that. He didn't pee or poop anywhere you are supposed to, but did manage to find some pretty interesting new places to use as his personal bathroom. I was at my wits end this morning, and thought for sure that I was cursed to have a son in diapers until kindergarten; and then something pretty fricken' miraculous happened! I strayed from the "method," and made that kid stay on the toilet until he....drumroll please...pooped!
Well it has been eons since I have anything good to say, and I honestly don't have much to say now; but, alas, I am awake at almost midnight on a Wednesday, so why not??

Today was day #1 of super hardcore potty training for Cru. I have tried versions of the method I am currently using before, but according to this method, I was doing quite a few things wrong.

So far, only 2 teeny tiny drops have made it into the toilet; but I'll take any victory I can get! I have a really good feeling about it this time, though. Cru threw away the last 5 pull ups, and I will absolutely not be purchasing any more. If that means we can't go anywhere for the next couple days/weeks/months (I fricken' hope not!) then so be it. That kid is almost 3, and is plenty ready to be going in the dang toilet.

I can't even think about potty training any more tonight, it has completely consumed my entire day. So much so that I feel like I barely saw Kendi at all! She was here though, and my husband was at work, so she was obviously chillin' out alone quite a bit today. Gotta love it that she is completely content with playing in the exersaucer or bouncer while mom is busy cleaning pee off of the floor and wall and rug and Cru's feet and the stuffed rabbit and my hands.................

Even with the constant contact of urine that has taken over my life (and the poo, but I digress), I feel so incredibly lucky to have such amazing kids. I just love them to pieces; everything about them. They are both so happy, easy going, and sweet children; and ridiculously good looking as well (it is quite obvious my genes are the dominant ones). I would have never guessed when me and Dave first met that this would be my life right now. It is so much better than my wildest dreams!

Alright, enough of the sappy love fest; I have finished off that bottle of wine, and now I must go pass out so I have the energy to do it all again tomorrow! Please cross your fingers Cru starts going in the toilet soon...it's kind of sad that my previously dirty tile floor now looks clean from me wiping the pee off of it all day...yuck
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