I promised I would update weekly as I go through this weight loss challenge, so here it is. My weight today was, duh    duh duh duuuhhh.... 137! Yay! That's 5 lbs down! Hopefully 20 more will soon follow. I should have taken a before pic, but I didn't think ahead, so at the end of this challenge I will find some kind of picture to use for my before, maybe my scary Halloween pic, and then I will take an official after pic. The competition between me and my sister is already proving fierce, so this isn't going to be easy! I need to step up the routine here this week. My sister also issued a CrossFit type workout for the participating members of the weight loss challenge to perform, and hopefully better our time over the next six weeks. This is the challenge:

50 kettle bell swings
30 push-ups (the guys are doing 50 but that's crazy)
50 shoulder presses
50 overhead squats
500 jump ropes

Um, that isn't going to be easy. I intend to do my first one tonight, so I will post my time after I perform it. I'm guessing 3 hours???  Haha...I actually don't own a kettle bell, so I'll have to get creative with that one exercise. I also don't know what the weight is supposed to be, so I'll just use what I have. 500 jump ropes....really? My recent jump-roping experience had a ratio of 1 misstep for every 3 or 4 jumps...this could seriously take all day. Hopefully my coordination improves along with my strength over the next six weeks...
It has been a long time since I have blogged, and a lot has happened in that time (well in my eyes at least). So, I will do an update post; no real direction with my writing today, just updating you all (I use that term loosely, as I currently only have 7 followers, 5 of which are family/friends) on what has been going on the last couple of weeks.

Where to begin?? Well, Halloween seems appropriate (even though the festivities while the kids were away may not have been). Ha! So, my husband's band played a party at a friends house, and it was crazy fun! Here is what I dressed up as....
Scary vampire nurse...grrrrr

Needless to say, we had a blast. I thought for sure my kids would be super freaked out by me, but they weren't. I guess they have seem me look worse ;) So that party was on the Saturday before Halloween. I had to drive my hungover ass to San Jose the next morning to pick the kids up, which was pretty much the worst thing ever (San Jose is 2.5 hours from my house). Luckily on the way back, I started to feel better...thank goodness. Monday, Halloween, was spent trick-or-treating with our best friends ever. They have a little boy that is 3 weeks younger than Cru, and my husband and the other husband have been friends forever. Me and the wife are now very good friends, so, general love-fest all around. The kids dressed up as Cru, tough dude, and Kendi, butterfly princess. I failed to get any good pics of them, this is the best I've got..
See Cru's tattoos?! haha! 

Let's skip forward to last weekend, where I spent the weekend at my mom's house in San Jose; it was just me and the kids seeing as my husband had a show here in town. He missed out. I went to my sis' rockin' 80's 30th birthday bash for her husband, my bro-in-law. I don't have pics because I didn't dress up....I am no fun, I know. But I left early so I could be fresh as a daisy for the Broncos/Radiers game we were all attending the next day. Just ask my sister about how SHE felt the next day, and you'll see I made a good choice..I would insert a fabulous pic here of my sister feeling extra shitty, but she might kill me, so I'll hold back.

The Broncos game proved to be so fricken' fun! We were a little scared to go to a game at the Oakland Coliseum, as non-Raider fans tend to get harassed, or killed, whatever...we went incognito nonetheless, but probably didn't need to. Everyone was so nice!!! I drank a plethora of Bud Lights, and paid for it coming off of Bart, where somehow I managed to step in the one small 2 inch space between the Bart and the platform. I have some major bruises on my leg now, but it was still super fun! Here is a pic of the craziness of the Bart station following the game..
Good thing I was drinking or I would have been super claustrophobic!

Okay, now for the most recent development. In my drunkiness, I agreed to partake in a weight-loss challenge over the holidays. This seems a little ridiculous, I know, but that's the point. We want to lose weight over the holidays, not gain it, and as you will see below, some involved are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen...
Haha! So I have decided I will update my followers, yes, all 7 of you, weekly with my progress. I weighed in at a not so lovely 142 lbs. on Monday night. I can't believe I am telling you all that, but, oh well. Considering I weighed 119 at my skinniest after having Cru, and that I was 130 not just 6 weeks ago, this weight bothers me. So, wish me luck! I'm going to try and do it the old fashioned way...I'll resort to amputation at the end if need be....

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