Today, Kendi was taking her usual morning nap while Cru and I were playing. For some reason, I didn't have the monitor with me. I noticed that it was about the time that she normally wakes up, so I went into my bedroom to grab the monitor. We have a video monitor, so I hit the button to turn on the display, and...WTF? Where is Kendi?? She isn't where I left her. Being the total nutcase I am, my first thought is that someone somehow managed to sneak into my house without my knowing, stole little Kendi, and then made it out, again, unnoticed. Then my rational side remembered that on the monitor I can move the camera around, so I did just that, and of course, there is Kendi huddled up in the opposite corner of the crib. Now this isn't that unusual, I know, but it's the first time she has done this. She is ALWAYS exactly as I left her. What amazes me is how she managed to do a complete 180 while leaving her blanket perfectly in-tact. Kendi wasn't as I left her, but somehow the blanket was exactly the same as when I put her down for her nap. Weirdness....

The moral of the story? I am a total freak.
So I saw this great idea on Pinterest where you interview your child at every birthday starting at age 3 and going until you want to stop; I'm thinking 18 would be a good time to stop this. Starting at age 3 was pretty interesting, as Cru pretty much had no idea what I was talking about. It will be fun to see how different his answers are next year when he comprehends things more (hopefully). Here are the results:

1.       What is your favorite color?

2.      Who is your best friend?

3.      What is your favorite toy?
        Favorite toy

4.      What do you want to be when you grow up?
        Little Bill

5.      What is your favorite book?

6.      What is your favorite food?
        Toenails  (ummm)

7.      What is your favorite thing to do outside?

8.      What is your favorite fruit?

9.      What is your favorite show to watch?
        Yo Gabba Gabba  (Of Course you know what I mean with this one)

10.    Where is your favorite place to go in the car?
        Favorite Car

11.      What is your favorite sport?
        Sport  (I’m sensing a Theme here)

12.     What is your favorite snack?
        Snack to eat

13.     What is your favorite thing to do with mom and dad?
        Mom and Dad

14.     If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
        Numbers ?

15.     What is your least favorite food that I make for you?

16.     What is your favorite drink?

17.     What is your favorite holiday?

18.     If you could have any pet, what would it be?
        No I can’t

19.     Which superhero ability would you like to have?
        No I Don’t Like it

20.    Do you enjoy these interviews every year?
        No I can’t, I Don’t like, do you want to turn the show on?
As you can see, he didn't know what I was talking about, and basically just repeated me back, until the end when he started getting impatient and wanted me to turn his show on (he always gets to watch his show, Yo Gabba Gabba, at the time of day I decided to do this). Hopefully next year he has some real answers for me!
I have come across other bloggers that have done this, so I thought it would be a good way to get back into blogging after a short hiatus. It took me almost all day to come up with 100 things! Some are pretty funny, some are probably obvious and well known, others are a little more introspective, but they are definitely all random. So, enjoy! And I don't expect anyone to read them all at once...

1. I played the saxophone for several years through elementary and middle school, and was actually fairly good…first chair right here, baby!

2. My mom used to have a Harley and took me to school on it on several occasions, which at the time I remember being totally embarrassed by…baffling, because I look back on it now as being pretty awesome.

3. Any time the song “Truly, madly, deeply” comes on by Savage Garden and my sister is with me, we both immediately start singing it and harmonizing the parts.

4. My first concert ever was New Kids on the Block at age 9. My sister has an awesome picture of us before the concert where I am wearing amazing Hammer pants.

5. There are 3 generations of twins on my dad’s side of the family: My grandpa, my dad, and my cousins…weird. If one of my cousins has twins, I think they enter the record books or something.

6. It may be hard to believe, with my love for tattoos and punk rock, but I was a cheerleader in high school…and loved every minute of it.

7. On the same note, I was able to take dance instead of gym for most of my high school years, and participated in dance shows at the end of every year. One particular dance show I did the worm across the stage…we have it on video somewhere.

8. My first car ever was an Eagle Premier. I would be shocked if anyone has ever heard of one.

9. There is almost nothing I love more than picking at blackheads and ingrown hairs, whether they are on me or someone else. It’s kind of a chicken and the egg thing here; I’m not sure if I liked it before I became an Esthetician, which ultimately led me to Esthetics, or if being an Esthetician caused me to like it. Either way, there is no greater satisfaction than getting one of those things out!

10. My husband and I were together 7 years before we got married. I met him when I was 19, so I barely remember any of the other guys anymore (we won’t say how many of those there were).

11. But one of those guys I drove all the way to Arizona from Colorado, by myself, to spend a weekend with during my stint at The University of Colorado at Greeley.

12. I only went to UNC Greeley for about a month before I called my mom and told her I wanted to drop out to pursue a career as a singer. Um, yah, that obviously didn’t happen.

13. I used to be a raver…shut up.

14. I ran away when I was in 6th grade. My friend and I made it on my one bike all the way to the library maybe 2 miles away before I called my mom scared out of my mind. We had planned to bury food in the park and come back for it if need be. What fricken’ idiots.

15. This smart girl who chose to run away in 6th grade was also currently enrolled in the GATE program at school. Me and the other dumbass that ran away were both in a completely separate class for just the GATE kids, and it was actually quite a smart group of kids. Hmmm.

16. There is nothing that creeps me out more than winking. People that know this about me like to send an unsuspecting wink my way when I least expect it. Ugh, creepy.

17. My sister and I performed in a talent show together in elementary school. Our performance? Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul. My sister was MC Scat Kat.

18. I still remember my elementary school best friend’s phone number.

19. I am notorious for making plans and then breaking them. Sorry everyone! Somehow I always seem to forget about all those pesky responsibilities I have..

20. Me and my husband are both mail hoarders…it’s not that we feel the need to keep everything, there is just so much! Filing, shredding, tossing; all things we despise. Seriously, what a colossal waste of trees all that mail is. We’ve gone “paperless” everywhere we can, and we still get tons of mail.

21. I ALWAYS return my cart to either the parking lot cart return area or back into the store cart return area, whether I have the kids or not. People that put their carts up on the curb drive me crazy! Seriously, STOP DOING THAT! It’s like a one minute round trip to the return and back..

22. I like mustard in my tuna and mayo on my hot dogs.

23. My husband gave my son the name Cru. It is from a movie called RAD. Look it up and watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

24. I worked at TGIFridays when you still had to wear flair.

25. Spelling errors really annoy me. Grammar, not so much, but spelling, definitely (haha).

26. I still have a tendency to run and jump on my bed at night after turning off the lights just in case there is something under my bed that might reach out and grab me.

27. I hate bugs! All of them. Even lady bugs. I relate it back to the “tree bug in my hair and screaming while my mom was driving” incident. She wasn’t too happy about that one. 

28. My dad worked at the family ice cream distribution company when I was a kid. We could just walk into the giant, and I mean giant, ice cream freezer and pick out a box of whatever we wanted. I ate a lot of It’s Its..

29. I hate merging while driving.

30. My husband and I are soul mates apparently. He had already had his eye on me before I even knew he existed, so when I showed up at his band practice one night, it was fate or something. We’ve been together almost 11 years now..

31. I am very particular about loading the dishwasher. I always reload it after my husband.

32. I recently discovered that you are only supposed to use one space after a punctuation mark according to MLA standards. It took me a couple months to get used to this, but now when I see two spaces it drives me nuts.

33. I am realizing that a lot of things drive me nuts.

34. I really like my feet, yet feet gross my husband out. I’ve been trying for years to get him to admit that my feet are cute, but he won’t do it.

35. I LOVE playing Marco Polo in the pool…still. Best game ever.

36. My philosophy of “Better safe than sorry” and my husband’s philosophy of “It’ll be alright” make parenting super interesting.

37. I have seen N*Sync in concert twice; one of which was second row :)

38. My husband leaves the plastic film on his new phones just to bug me, and boy does it.

39. I hate folding laundry and putting it away with every fiber of my being; hence why there is always piles of clothes scattered around my bedroom. My husband always complains he can’t find anything. I tell him to put it away then because I can find everything just fine.

40. I have had a cuticle biting habit since I was really little, and kids used to totally make fun of me for it. I remember one kid asking me if my fingers were made of chocolate….I hate him.

41. There was a period in my life when I wore full makeup complete with fake eyelashes and stick on jewels EVERY SINGLE DAY.

42. My husband hates all white creamy foods: no mayo, cream cheese, ranch, sour cream etc. That one’s not really about me, but it’s so bizarre I had to include it.

43. When the Britney Spears album Baby..One More Time first came out, I would play it while in the shower and sing to it super loud; pretty much every shower. The acoustics in the shower are amazing!

44. I just caught myself biting my cuticles…I need an intervention..

45. I don’t understand why when you are in line at the grocery store the person behind you has to stand incredibly close to you, as if by standing close they will get through the line faster.

46. I also don’t understand why people always ask to touch my tattoos. What do they think they will feel like? And no, you can’t touch me, I don’t know you…

47. Having kids has reaffirmed to me that having the toilet paper roll be “under” instead of “over” has always been the correct choice.

48. I am a major over-tipper. If you sucked, you get 20%, and it goes up from there. If I am not in charge of paying at dinner it gives me anxiety. If I notice a bad tip (in my opinion) being left, I have been known to secretly leave extra on the table when no one is looking.

49. I always let people in while driving, and pretty much no one ever lets me in. I keep doing it though. One of these days it will come back to me!

50. If I could eat only one food/food combo for the rest of my life it would be chips, salsa, and Coors light. Seriously, that combination is satisfying, refreshing, fun, and relaxing all at once.

51. My husband refers to me to check meat for proper doneness while BBQ’ing.

52. I think I may be psychic.

53. I love cake but am not a fan of frosting.

54. I busted my chin open twice when I was a kid. Once while riding my bike, and the second time tripping on some steps while leaving the doctor’s office.

55. I really hate it when people knock on my door when I’m not expecting them. If my husband has someone come over and doesn’t tell me about it, I get pissed.

56. I also really hate it when you text someone and they call you back instead. If I wanted to actually talk to you, I would have called you. My family is excluded from this, of course (most of the time).

57. I was grounded for a couple months in 8th grade for sneaking out with my best friend. No, we didn’t get caught in the act. Our dumbasses wrote about it on paper and the parents found it somehow.

58. I’m sensing a pattern here, because the same friend and I also got in trouble for ditching school one day, in 8th grade, and walking to the mall. My friend’s mom found us and all she said was “Get in (to the car)”. All we wanted was a Cinnabon, sheesh..

59. I am really hoping karma doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass with my daughter….I’m scared.

60. I am obsessed with cracking my knuckles, toes, neck, back…anything crackable. I love it!!

61. I jumped off a bridge into the river once and no one told me how to do it, so I landed all squirrely and had a bruise the size of a watermelon on my hip for weeks. And I almost drowned. Sort of.

62. When I get really excited or really scared, my eyes start to tear up.

63. If anyone ever busts out glow sticks for any reason, I feel compelled to snatch them away and immediately start doing awesome glow stick dances….this horrifies my husband.

64. I know the whole entire rap in Lauryn Hill’s “That Thing.”

65. I had the same recurring dream for almost a year as a kid that if I ran fast enough, I could take off in flight. This dream happened so often, I really thought I could do it.

66. I have this total fascination with tsunamis. Well, not tsunamis really, but giant tidal waves. I really want to see one, although that would certainly mean the end for me. The same goes for tornadoes. I used to live in Colorado and wanted to see a tornado so bad, but never did.

67. I had a fluke at 16 when I went to church for a couple months. Well, I think I only attended sermon a couple times, but was an active member of the church choir. So weird considering my current religious beliefs.

68. I like to dip my McDonald’s French fries in sweet n sour sauce.

69. My son was 10 lbs. 5 oz. when born. Yikes! His little buddy born 3 weeks later was 10 lbs. 6 oz. I guess me and his mom did a lot of eating together..

70. I’ve been skydiving.

71. I also had another recurring dream as a kid that I saved my sister from drowning. Again, the dream happened so often I thought that I had really done it. I’m still not completely sure on that one.

72. My sister caught this beautiful butterfly once when we were little, and like the mean older sister I was, I let it go. I still apologize to her from time to time for that one. Sorry sis!

73. I used to love to drink the little creamers they leave on the table at diners.

74. In 5th grade I held my breath for so long I passed out, fell, and hit the floor with my face. I busted my front teeth and they have never been the same.

75. Other than my teeth, I have never broken a bone. I have never sprained anything either.

76. Garden gnomes give me the heebie jeebies..

77. My son knows almost all the words to 2 Bayside songs. This makes me so proud.

78. I have been known to go through the McDonald’s drive through just for a Diet Coke. They have the best syrup to carbonation ratio around.

79. I love storage auction shows…all of them. Especially Storage Wars. My husband and I really really want to start doing that.

80. Couldn’t tell you the last time I a) washed windows b) cleaned out tracks in said windows c) gave a damn about it.

81. I honestly worried about being a good mom and even liking my kids when I was pregnant with my first child. I never liked kids before and always felt awkward around them.

82. I tend to worry a lot about what people think of me and if they like me. I worry about what they think if I have them over to my house, what they think about the food I make, how my house looks, how I raise my kids. I know this shouldn’t matter, but I have worried about people liking me my whole life.

83. I am a lot funnier in writing than I am in person. Good thing I am an English major.

84. My daughter just tried to crawl. OMG!

85. My couches are leather with recliners on both ends, and sometimes it is hard to push the back all the way back to recline because so much milk/juice/other sticky stuff has fallen in the cracks from my kids juice cup and I rarely clean it up as well as I should. I should really clean the crevices of these couches.

86. I lived in Littleton, Colorado when the Columbine shooting happened. I didn’t attend Columbine; I went to Littleton High a few miles away. I also unfortunately worked with one of the girls who lost her life that day. Still pisses me off something fierce.

87. I lose my patience more often than I should with my son, and I wish I didn’t. Luckily I have an awesome husband who helps calm me down, and takes over when he sees I am getting overwhelmed.

88. I give myself my own Brazilians..well I did, before the second kid. Sorry husband. I’ll get back on that soon.

89. Sometimes I don’t leave the house for several days, and I am surprisingly OK with that. Getting dressed is for the birds..

90. I was married and spent my honeymoon in Jamaica. That was the best two weeks ever!

91. I was my sister’s show and tell when she was in preschool. She had to bring something that began with the letter “A.” I, as a 6 or 7 year old, thought that I was the coolest shit ever for that.

92. The summer after my 6th grade year I spent all day, and I mean, all day, on the phone with my best friend who was on vacation in Hawaii. I mean like 7 hours straight without hanging up. I can only imagine how lame that conversation was.

93. Sometimes for exercise I like to turn on 80’s music and dance around as crazy and ridiculous as I can, while continuously moving my body in a frantic manner. It is so fun and burns lots of calories (I think). This is only done in privacy for obvious reasons.

94. I say FYI way too often. Ask my husband.

95. I love couponing! I have a binder, and get the Sunday paper only for the coupon inserts. Oh, I do the crosswords also. There is nothing more satisfying than getting something for free or near free. No stockpile as of yet. Maybe a small one someday.

96. When I first got my license I made a right hand turn onto a street and basically cut this guy off and made him swerve around me. I clearly didn’t have enough time to turn out safely. At the next red light, he pulled up behind me, got out of the car, banged on my window and for the most part cussed me out. I totally peed my pants.

97. I have seen every episode of Dawson’s Creek at least 3 times. Before I ever started having kids, Pacey was on my list for boys names should I ever have kids. I loved Pacey, especially while he was with Joey. I wish I could be watching it right now!

98. My mom kept all of the teeth that my sister and I lost. I think she may still have them. Gross. What do you do with those?

99. I think Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday ever.

100. I have the best husband and kids and family ever, and am constantly amazed that they still allow my crazy ass into their lives. Love them!

What I have learned from this exercise is that 1. I have anger issues 2. I am in for a world of trouble if my kids try to pull any of the things I did as a kid 3. I have had a pretty interesting life!
I encourage everyone to try and come up with 100 random facts about themselves. It’s a fun way to gain insight into yourself and to walk down memory lane at the same time. It takes forever though, FYI.
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