I'm sure I'm not alone here in saying that Pinterest has changed my life. Seriously. And not just because I now spend even more time online than before; if that's even possible. I started out looking up clothes and makeup and shoes etc., but then slowly my interests have morphed into cleaning and organizing, and my most recent (and most awesome!) interest: making my own everyday household products.

At first I just wanted to find some good uses for all of the damn not-ready-to-be-picked-yet oranges I totally picked about 25 or so of. Type "orange" into the Pinterest search engine, and a million uses come up. First I made some margaritas (didn't need the Internet to help me on that idea). Then I made air freshener, I have some orange cleaner brewing away in a jar, and just recently discovered a recipe for hairspray that uses oranges. 

My sister must have noticed all my DIY product "pins," because today she pinned a recipe just for me. Well, apparently this particular DIY moment of mine has sent my husband over the edge. Today I announced to Dave that I made my own non-toxic deodorant today. He looked me square in the face and said, "you are turning into a hippy and it is blowing my mind." I have decided to take that as a compliment, the mind blowing and all, even though I'm pretty sure it was not intended as such. Hey, if someone who saves her family money, saves our bodies from chemicals, and saves the planet all at the same time is a hippy, then all I can say is...groovy man.

I won't go into any details yet of my recipes and their complete awesomeness, as I haven't used anything long enough to definitively say whether they work wonders or not; but look forward to many more posts in the future about my new found love for making all my own shit. Peace and love brother.
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