I was just looking, and I haven't blogged since January! I would love to say I've just been THAT busy, but that would be a lie. I am just lazy. That's it. And, I was going through this thing where I thought nothing that happened in my life was blog-worthy, and that no one wants to read about my stupid life anyways. Well, I have since changed my viewpoint on that. As it turns out, my life is kinda awesome. And, if I may be self-indulgent for a moment, I like to believe that EVERYONE wants to hear about it. Or, perhaps, I like the idea of making people listen to the things that cause my husband's eyes to glaze over when being recanted. So, here I am. I wish I had an amazing story to tell you right now, but the only thing on my mind is that Kendi just woke up from about a 2 second nap, and I was really hoping to get in another episode of Lost before going back to fishy crackers and nose-dives off the couch...till next time.
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