Yesterday, I thought, "Oh yah, I have a blog! I should check that shit out!" I did, and I wish I could say, "Much to my horror I hadn't blogged in almost a year!" But I really wasn't all that surprised or horrified. I was more surprised and horrified by the design of my blog, as I had forgotten completely what the thing even looked like. My next order of business after posting this little entry will be a complete blog redesign--yuck. But yes, it's been nearly a year since I threw words at the screen, and this is really quite unfortunate, seeing as I am pretty sure both fantastic and tragic shit has gone down this last year.

I've said this before, I say it now, and I'll say it again, probably countless more times in my life--I need and fully intend to blog EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. My reasons for this are few and not all that incredibly epic. 1. I really do love writing, and this blog is my only outlet for non-academia blurbs. 2. Every notable author since the beginnings of the written English language have offered up the advice of writing every day to up-and-coming young (or old, in my case) writers. 3. I am a bit of an egomaniac, and think my daily activities and thoughts are so profoundly fucking awesome I must retell them to as many humans as possible.

This means you all, and by you all, I obviously mean my much adored 11 followers and my husband (a non-follower), can expect something from me every day. Now, my blog title is Not Your Mainstream Mama. When I first decided to start blogging, I thought I'd be really original and blog about life as a mom. Apparently this has been done a couple times, so I think I'll expand my repertoire. I still maintain that I am, in fact, Not Your Mainstream Mama, but I am also so much more. Maybe I'll toss in some excerpts from things I am currently writing for school. Maybe I'll blow your minds with a little poem about life as an unfertilized egg awaiting her one true sperm (I have been reading a lot of John Barth lately). I don't know. But know this, even if all you get from me is, "I hate this. Fuck off. Writing can go suck it," you'll still see something from me every day. I think.
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